Wednesday, 2 December 2015

18 N. Zerva Street, Glyfada, Greece, 16675
+30 210 9943427/8
+30 210 9961019

INASCO is a high-technology industrial SME founded in 1989 with capabilities and expertise in the areas of Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Processes (Precision Machining, Liquid Composites Molding), High Performance Acoustic Liners & Intelligent Distributed Embedded Systems for real-time in-situ monitoring of physical/structural parameters.

INASCO is primarily focusing on developing and applying innovative breakthrough technologies for the aerospace sector. Activities and expertise cover:

(1) Inception and prototyping of advanced composite and metallic aero structures

(2) "Turn-key" solutions for composite manufacturing, including “smart” molds and process control electronics

(3) Novel Industrial Cure and Flow Monitoring Systems for Composite Manufacturing Process Optimisation & Industrial Integration [Technological Solution: DiAMon Plus™, Flow™, Lite™, Cloud™]

(4) Engine Noise Reduction Technologies for use in extreme environments [Technological Solution: SegHit™]

(5) RTD in Future Technologies in Aerospace & Avionics [Sensor Networks, Optic Fibers, Nano materials (CNTs-Carbon Nano Tubes), Aircraft Electronics, Data Acquisition Systems]

INASCO is staffed with the highest level of scientists and technical personnel, with strong academic background, significant professional experience and specialized skills, over a wide range of expertise and scientific practices. Τhe company is equipped with manufacturing facilities for composites and metallic prototypes production and electronics lab. INASCO is ISO 9001 certified.


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